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Frequently Asked Questions

We charge based on a percentage of total revenue collected from claims. We also factor in the practice’s monthly volume. Our fee system gives us the incentive to obtain the revenue due in a timely manner, or we will not get paid.

Our fee always includes a dedicated staff member to assist you and your staff with any questions that you may have. If needed, patients and databases are set up, and your practice is set up with a clearinghouse for electronic claims submission to begin billing immediately. If you have a current billing system in place, we can access it remotely to perform these functions. All processes of your revenue cycle are handled for you by billing experts.

Yes, we uphold the highest standards and comply with all HIPAA privacy and security regulations.

All reimbursements are sent directly to your business office. Healthcare Management Solutions handles all aspects of obtaining your reimbursement, but does not handle your money.

We post all payments and follow up on any claims once we have access to the explanation of benefits or electronic remittance advice.

Yes, we can provide you with monthly reports tailored to meet each client’s needs.

Our staff is proficient in a number of billing and management software systems. If your practice already has a system in place, we will be able to access it and utilize your system so that you don’t have to change anything. If you are a new provider without a software system in place, or would like to explore other options to replace your current software, we can assist you in selection of software that is appropriate for your needs.

We file all claims electronically to payers that accept them. There are some payers and situations that do not allow or have the ability to accept electronic claims. In these situations, we will generate a paper claim and submit per their requirements for you.

You can request a quote or call us at 701-214-4831 to get started. We are excited to serve you and your practice!

How to Work with Us

We strive to make working with our team easy, efficient, and worthwhile. If you would like to work with Healthcare Management Solutions, follow these simple steps:


Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.


Meet in person or virtually to discuss your practice’s needs.


We provide you with a customized proposal, contract agreement including Business Association agreements and HIPAA compliance.

If you would like to learn more about working with Healthcare Management Solutions, contact us today.