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Taking Care of the People Who Care for Us

Improved patient care benefits everyone. At Healthcare Management Solutions, we know that providers today are at or beyond capacity, with precious little time to manage patient care, let alone the day-to-day operations of their practices. Our team not only understands this burden, we can help you manage it.

We offer relief in the form of business management services that allow you the ability to focus on your patients while also achieving maximum practice profitability.


Billing Services

Our specialists offer full management of billing and claims processing services for all payer types. Already have software that you prefer to utilize? We will work with your system, or we can utilize our software system if you currently submit paper claims or want to explore a new software system. Services include:

Accounts Receivable Recovery

Accounts Receivable Recovery Services

Ensuring timely reimbursement and revenue is essential for a profitable practice. Often healthcare practices are so overwhelmed with patient care and billing issues that reimbursement opportunities slip through the cracks. Healthcare Management Solutions’ experts offer the following accounts receivable recovery services to ensure that your practice gets all reimbursements for which it is entitled.

Operational Consulting

Operational and Process Improvement Consulting

It is always a good idea for any business to take a look at their operations and processes in order to find ways to improve efficiency. Our specialists can analyze whatever areas you deem most helpful in order to help your practice improve. And, unlike many of our competitors, we are adept at working with many types of software (including Office Ally), so whatever product you use, we can help you maximize your efficiency and effectiveness. Our comprehensive consulting services include:

Medical Billing Audit


Our team is proud to offer auditing services in order to maximize both performance and revenue. Our specialists review your current billing, accounts receivable, and operational practices and procedures and provide an in-depth analysis, highlighting any areas that may need to be improved upon. Our team will also advise on any errors that we identify that can result in penalties from Medicare or Medicaid in order to ensure compliance and timely reimbursement.

Types of Practices Served

We are proud to serve a wide range of independent healthcare providers, including:

How to Work with Us

We strive to make working with our team easy, efficient, and worthwhile. If you would like to work with Healthcare Management Solutions, follow these simple steps:


Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.


Meet in person or virtually to discuss your practice’s needs.


We provide you with a customized proposal, contract agreement including Business Association agreements and HIPAA compliance.

If you would like to learn more about working with Healthcare Management Solutions, contact us today.