We provide business management solutions to increase the profitability of your healthcare practice.

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Our Core Values

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We possess a deep understanding of billing and claims management solutions.

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We are determined to discover and implement the best solutions for your practice.

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We maintain the highest of ethical standards in all work on your behalf.

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We offer expert consultants who can spot problem areas and increase efficiency in your processes.

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We guarantee a transparent, reliable process with unparalleled customer service.

For health professionals, too much time and money are lost to billing payers and submitting and processing claims.

The time spent on administration and paperwork could be better spent caring for your patients. Let Healthcare Management Solutions help you to increase revenues while giving you back more time to care for your patients.

Our Services



Our specialists offer full management of billing and claims processing services for all payer types, freeing up your staff’s time to focus on operations and patient care.

Accounts Receivable Recovery

Accounts Receivable Recovery

We provide a comprehensive review of receivables for potential lost revenue, research of reimbursement issues, and customized reporting.

Operational Consulting

Operational Consulting

We offer strategic billing, software, and procedural analyses to help improve efficiency within your practice.

Medical Billing Audit

Medical Billing Audit

We offer audits to ensure that you are properly billing insurance companies and patients to reduce possible issues while maximizing profit for your practice.

Taking Care of the People Who Care for Us

Improved patient care benefits everyone. Healthcare providers today are at or beyond capacity, with precious little time to manage patient care, let alone day-to-day operations of their practices.

The Healthcare Management Solutions team understands this burden. We are dedicated to offering relief in the form of business management services that allow providers the ability to focus more on their patients and achieve maximum practice profitability.

How to Work With Us

We strive to make working with our team easy, efficient, and worthwhile. If you would like to work with Healthcare Management Solutions, follow these simple steps:


Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.


Meet in person or virtually to discuss your practice’s needs.


We provide you with a customized proposal, contract agreement including Business Association agreements and HIPAA compliance.

If you would like to learn more about working with Healthcare Management Solutions, contact us today.